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Rubber Band Bracelets Bolster Brotherhood

Wearing rubber band bracelets is a fashion that has gained popularity with people from all walks of life. From supporting clubs to demonstrating solidarity with those who are facing serious illnesses, the reasons for wearing these iconic items are plenty!

Rubber band bracelets are cheap, and come in many types. They could be given as gifts to friends, relatives, kids and others on anniversaries, engagements, parties, weddings and other occasions.

What are rubber band bracelets?

They are stretchable bracelets made from natural rubber in various colors along with some favorite metals, beads and knots in various designs suiting to many different tastes. They are typically worn on the wrist, although some people have gotten creative with them and worn them in other ways! People exude a sense of satisfaction and pride as they value the friendship and kindness that come with such rubber band bracelets.

Rubber Band Bracelets

Who can wear them?

All people-men, women, and children could wear these Rubber Band Bracelets. They can really match any outfit.


Rubber band bracelets are classified into many types depending on the materials used and the purposes that they support.

By materials:

They are black or brown rubber bracelet, wide rubber, rubber cord bracelet, rubber wrist band bracelets, silicone rubber band bracelets, colourful silocone rubber bracelets, rubber titanium bracelets, solid color rubber bracelets,  rubber fluorescence acrylic peace shamballa bracelets, and beaded bracelets.

By puroposes:

Rubber magnetic sports bracelets, debossed rubber bracelets, rubber wrist band bracelets, music rubber bracelet, sports bracelet, love rubber bracelet and Tennis rubber band bracelets.

By themes:

Logo rubber bracelets, promotional rubber bracelets, light-up Rubber Bracelets, latex-free silicone rubber bracelets, charm, slap and snap, cuff bracelets, rubber wrist band bracelets, rainbow color bracelets, animals and pets design bracelets.

How to make a home-made rubber band bracelets?

a)    Basic steps involved are only a few. First, two rubber bands A and B are chosen.

b)    Then rubber band A is inserted into the center of rubber band B such that one rubber band is hanging from the other.

c)    Now, the ends of rubber band A are brought together while B still hanging alone.

d)    In this condition the ends of band B are also brought together, when the wearer slides his hand through the opening at the center of the two linked rubber bands to wear this home-made rubber band bracelet.

Tips for making and wearing:

Two thick rubber bands of reasonable thickness are taken to sustain daily wear and tear. Many rubber bands aren’t really strong enough to wear for long periods of time.

For a fancier look, use contrasting colors and make an interesting color scheme.

Choice designs are to be added along with fine tipped marker before weaving them together. If you have a steady hand and you’re particularly artistic, this can make your particular designs stand out!

Bracelets are to be worn not too tightly, to avoid circulation problems. Kids should always have adult supervision when working with rubber bands!

Tools used for making bracelets:

Bracelet weaving kits for single and multiple bands along with clips and clipboards can be used for this kind of work at home. However, bracelet weaving looms are used in bigger designs in a professional way for rubber band bracelet knitting, weaving, crocheting and crafting.

Materials used in making rubber band bracelets:

Twistz Bandz latext-free coloured rubber bands triple and single, beads, required metal rings or strips are important materials used.

Color bands:

Colors used for making designs are black, white, purple, light pink, hot pink, red, maroon, orange yellow, green, sky blue, blue and navy blue; and, widths of rubber bands used are 0.375”, 0.5” and 0.625”.


Apart from serving as gifts, rubber band Bracelets are also used as below. Coming in different colors, they carry religious, inspirational and promotional themes, business details, love, sports, fund raising, supporting a cause, troop support for soldiers, and more.

A yellow color is chosen for depicting certain themes. Team/group support, identification, labelling, custom message and art work are also printed or debossed on them for publicity purposes. Such bracelets are available at low prices, often with discounts available. They are stretchable and can fit on most wrists.

How to order?

While placing orders, mention should be made of materials, hardness, dimensions, quality, quantity, price and other informations so that correct product is shipped. Above all, communication is key! Email and telephone can both work. Use whichever you are most comfortable with.


Refill bracelets in colors are available in packs at different price-ranges. Prices are from $0.01o onwards per piece depending upon whether it is a simple or special design with metal, beads and additional workmanship.


The more you purchase at once, the cheaper the prices get.

This trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon! Pick out some promotional bracelets for your team, club, or social group today.

Rubber Band Ball