Rubber Bands Turned Into Bracelets?

Fashion comes with a price tag, style does not. One does not have to spend huge amounts of money to look stylish. Today girls are designing their clothes, and accessories at home, giving them a quirky spin and a personal touch. Do it yourself guides are all over the internet, videos and instructions easily guide one through designing a custom made and much coveted stylish garment or accessory. The best part is that when you design something for yourself, you exactly know what you want and what looks best on you. Therefore you are the one who gets to decide what you are designing will look like. It is much like custom made accessories and clothes which are only made for you and no one else.

When you design your own stuff and other people like it, think how popular will you become. The ultimate “it girl” who knows how to personally style every fashion trend. Rubber Band Bracelets are one thing which you can make at home in a completely hassle free manner. It’s simple to make and looks great, plus, it is pocket friendly.

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These bracelets can be made out of different colored rubber bands, which look very cute and can match every outfit. You can make as many as you like and may be gift it to your friends on friendship’s day or use it as a common bracelet which belongs to every member of your friend group.

Not only bracelets but latex free rubber band necklaces are a rage with the teenagers today, if you make it short, you can use it as a bracelet but if you make it longer you can wear it as a necklace which looks really cool! You can use a loom if you make different patterns, single pattern Rubber Band Bracelets can be made without a loom.

Rubber band bracelets: Do it yourself

a) Take a bright colored rubber band
b) Fold it
c) Put another color rubber band through the loop and fold again
d) Repeat this step till you get the desired length
e) Use colors which compliment each other

The number of rubber bands used to complete a bracelet will vary from person to person as it depends on the size of the wrist. Example:  The number of rubber bands used to complete a bracelet for a 5 year old girl will vary from that of a 15 year old boy. Be patient while making it and please do not make it so tight that it stops your blood circulation.

A C clip can be used in the end to fasten the bracelet; other things like clasps of broken chains, necklaces, bracelets, anklets can be attached to it to give it a proper finishing. Whichever way you do it, just remember to use complimentary colors which are attractive and trendy.

Looms for making these bracelets can be found in most stores, if you don’t get it in the store, you can always order them online. Many shopping websites have these looms and they are very reasonably priced. You just need to go through your drawer to search for multicolored rubber bands and start designing your own bracelet.

Rubber bands need to be

a) Brightly colored
b) Thick so that they last long
c) Preferably latex free

For a different look make a black rubber band armlet which is kind of broad and wear it on your arm. It will look like a tattoo, or an armlet which looks really sexy. Wearing different colored bracelets on one wrist looks great, the contrasting colored bracelets look very striking and attractive.

Using hair ties will be a better idea to make these bracelets, instead of ordinary hair bands. Hair ties are stronger and smoother in texture; they also have a shiny finish which will give a glossy finish to your. You can also use different colored ribbons to accentuate it, and give it your own stylish touch. A cute polka dotted bow or a string of lace will add more beauty to your bracelets.

You can try out different designs in different colors, wear it together or single, make it for yourself or gift it to your friends, embrace the new trend of the rubber band bracelets before they become passé.

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